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Lashes, Lashes, Lashes

Maybe you're a lash babe like me. It's an everyday thing with bi-weekly infills. Or maybe you prefer to spice up your life for special occasions only. Regardless of what your personal preference is here at Biblical Babe Beauté, we have options for you.

Mink extensions are for lash connoisseurs, but of course we always welcome newbies into the elite lash club. Mink extensions are always bespoke and designed to fit your lashes, face and eye shape with precision artistry. Individual lashes are also a great option for a one-off look that can't be infilled. They don't have the same 3D look mink extensions are renowned for, but still have a sleek and professional finish. Instant lashes are for a quick, good time look, especially for beginners to the lash club. 

Mink Me!

Inspired Individual

Keep Calm It's   Clusters!


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