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Intro -

Yea Jelly B The Birthmark Beaute

Ohhh, ohhhh, ohhh

You know what?

My Farda told me to just speak

Shame the devil and just speak

(Speaking in tongues)


Verse 1 -

Baby farda drama 

Bring that to ya madda

Passive aggression see I got my shield and armour

See I walk with my sword

Where you been ain't you heard

Point it to ya neck 

Who is looking like a nerd know

Maybe you don't recall

I remember all the lies

The times you brought me down 

Thinking I would cry

Thinking I would die

Phoenix I rise from my ashes

Man I knew I could fly  

And don't been thinking that ima let that ish slide

Nah not another time 

Recognise that old gal died

So if were conversating

Take the bass out your voice

Lower your tone bro

Don't wanna have to smash my whole phone

See we got a long road 

I ain't gonna walk it alone

I got my brothers and my sisters 

Holding it down for me 

The whole ah GANGJC El Roi 

My God walks with me

Chorus -

Forgive them Farda

I'm just worried bout the commas

I don't want no drama

No I'm just worried bout the commas 

Verse 2-

Don't you recall begging

To sqaure a circle make a life

Since then you ain't been moving right

So it's my God Given right

To shame the devil

dispel all the lies (she did what?)

Why you wanna get to know me

Through through the eyes and ears of phonies

Who swear they used to know me

Cheesy call them macaroni

I got my eyes on the prize

My foots on the peddle

My fingers on the trigger and you know I been a rebel

Don't give a toss what you think of me

(anuh my business dhat)

Here for my family

Tryna leave a legacy

Came for a win not a versus

YAH made my plate so you know I deserve this

(It's mine still)

Put dhat inna yuh pipe and smoke it, but don't smoke it's not good for you

Last Chorus -

I don't want no drama

Forgive them Farda

I'm just worried bout the commas

I don't want no drama

Forgive them Farda


Forgive Them Farda (Commas) 

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