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Let's Face It

Just because a product uses only natural ingredients, that does not mean that product will be good for your hair. A product can have great ingredients, but the combination may bit a little potent if you have a sensitive scalp. It could be the complete opposite if you have very dense hair too. There is no formula to haircare, don't fall for the fads and gimmicks that are trending on TikTok for the minute. Instead, spend some time to learn about your body and how a multitude of factors such as hormones, diet, environment, stress and hygiene affect your hairs ability to grow. 

Start here...

Let's talk 

Think about your skin and hair - get a journal (preferably a Biblical Babe one) and write things down.

Do you have any allergies or intolerances? Is your skin or scalp sensitive? What hair type do you have? Is it low or high porosity? Does your hair need a dense butter to stay moisturised or a lotion to stay hydrated? Do you get dry scalp? How long can you go in between washes? Does your hair prefer shampoos or clay cleansers?

Study yourself

You are your first and biggest project. Don't project - instead reflect!

What does your hair respond positively to? What causes your hair to fall out? What is the usual amount of hair fall you get in a month? How much does your hair usually grow in a month? Do you really know your hair?

Solution orientated study

What are your hair goals? Write a plan, see your vision, make it plain.

Are you looking for hair growth? Are you transitioning from being a chemically treated sista to a natural babe? Are your edges not saying enough? Are you looking for thickness? Make a decision today to know thyself through solution orientated study.

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